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All reference to liquid screed in this section relate to calcium sulfate based flowing (pumped) screed of an anhydrite or hemi-hydrate nature.

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What is a screed?

What is the advantage of liquid screed compared to conventional screed?

How much does it cost?

Why does the cost vary?

Where can I find a screeder?

Can anyone lay this screed?

Do I need to prepare the site differently?

Can I use liquid screed to comply with Document E?

Will a screed installer lay acoustic insualtion?

Can you provide information on a specific product?

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A screed is the tool used to level a mortar mix (amongst other things) but the term is more often used to refer to the material overlaid on a sub-base.

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Liquid screed is pumped to a datum set by laser levels to ensure that the finish is level and achieves SR2.
Liquid floor screed is self compacting and void free and does not require reinforcement.
Liquid floor screed can be applied at a lesser depth than sand and cement and can take foot traffic in 24 to 48 hours.
As the screed is pumped into place there is less risk of damage from wheelbarrows and it is easier to place the screed on floors above ground level.
The liquid screed can be pumped early in the build process allowing a longer time for drying and enabling carpenters to fix against a finished floor screed level.

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Typically the cost including labour would be between 320 and 440 per cubic metre.
You need to discuss your plans with an installer (see the
Find an Installer page) for an exact price.

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Cost is determined by a number of factors including the location and volume of material.
Two jobs in the same area may have a different pricing structure due to the volumes involved and likewise two jobs of a similar size may be priced differently in different locations.

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Search for a liquid screed installer by region on the Find an Installer page

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Applying liquid screed is a specialist job and requires equipment beyond the reach of the average builder, in recognition of this the suppliers will only deliver to approved installers.
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No, providing the sub floor is prepared correctly, see BRE for guidance, then there is no additional work required.

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Liquid floor screed in itself will not meet the sound insulation requirement of Document E on its own, this would be true of any screed. However, an acoustic insulation layer can be installed under the screed to meet the requirement by using the Robust Detail method or Pre-Completion Testing. The advanced properties of liquid floor screed can allow for the installation of the sound insulation and screed within the depth that would have been allowed for conventional screed. This is particularly useful where the developer has not forseen the need to comply with Document E until a late stage in the build process.

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This depends on the installer, some offer a full preparation service whilst others will only lay the liquid screed. Generally it is better if you can find an installer to lay the acoustic insulation and pump the screed as this ensures the integrity of the process. If you cannot find an installer in your area that will do both then it is essential the screed installer is aware of the importance of maintaining the sound insulation layer and perimeter strip.

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No, as we do not supply or manufacture products, we are unable to give specific advice. Please contact an installer or manufacturer.

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